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The first CD of the ensemble Capella Itineris was released on Spring 2021

Piffari, Stadtpfeiffer, musique à cinq sou​ffleurs

Instrumental ensemble XVII century

Josquin Piguet : cornet
Marc Pauchard: cornet and recorder
Constantin Meyer: bass sackbut
Davide Lombritto: tenor and alto sackbut
Morgan Jaffré : tenor sackbut
Bénédicte Wodey : recorder and bassoon
Adrien Pièce : harpsichord and organ


The program Stadpfeiffer, Piffari musique à cinq souffleurs, is a selection of lesser-known pieces that deserve to be played and other ones that are typical and well representative of a typical instrumental ensemble of the XVII century. It wants to be an overview of what a group of wind instruments could have played around 1600-1660. It includes sonatas written for this instrumental formation, arrangements of pieces intended for other instruments or polyphonic vocal pieces played in stile da concerto, enriched by ornaments and diminutions.
When played live, Stadpfeiffer, Piffari musique à cinq souffleurs, it is a concert of one hour and fifteen minutes, including an introduction to the program accompanied by a presentation of our instruments.

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